From chaos to control in Azure

As the transition into the cloud continues more and more organizations realize the complexity and chaos of monitoring and maintain cloud services, with the wide usage of different cloud vendors and services, not only is the need to maintain good monitoring important, but being able to trigger on certain events is getting more critical to maintain control. With the lack of solutions to assist on this today, Microsoft takes a large step into the right direction.

Microsoft announced their new service to help fight this battle Azure Event Grid  a single service for managing the routing of all events from any sources, both in Azure as well as other cloud vendors and on premise. With dynamic scale and consistent performance Azure Event grid lets you focus on your app logic rather than the infrastructure around it.

Enabling you to connect Azure Services directly into Event Grid (currently only a few Azure services is supported, according to the product group the plans is to extend this across all services from Microsoft Azure).

Event Grid (Credit Microsoft)

(Credit Microsoft) Event Grid

The price is built on a consumption plan based on operations performed. The operation includes all events, advanced matching, the delivery attempts as well as management calls.  The first 100.000 operations are free and for additional usage each million operations will cost you $0.30 during preview and will go up to $0.60 when the service will go general available.

The target performance is sub-second end-to-end latency in the 99%, as well as a target for 99.99% availability. Microsoft Program Manager Justin Conway shared that the target throughput per region is 10 million transactions per second. Supporting up to 100 million subscriptions and a 50ms publish delay for 1MB batches. With full support for automatic retries up to 24 hours; makes this a very reliable and needed services for any Cloud customer from Microsoft.

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